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January 28, 2008 / consciousness

long lost love


i found my guitar again. this is a reeeally old picture. i must have been around 16 or 17?

when i started i used to play for hours on it. i sort of left of the last couple of years. probably because i switched to base in my present band. sort of hemmed me in, in developing new songs and actually expressing myself through my guitar.

the feel of the strings under my fingers, the melodies flowing from the synapses in my brain straight into the strings. i am one with it. the emotions, those small electrical discharges turn into a melody; my feelings form as notes. i stroke my guitar with the passion i would invest on the soft body of a woman. the sweet feminine curves vibrate with the harmonies, sending a reprecussion through my bones, making me one with the melody. i am swallowed by the sensation of sound.

she is my therapy. i noticed i need her. she drains all excess energy from me and soothes me.
why did i find her again? i watched the animie series Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. reminded me of my own musical development and the struggle that i faced with my band. what is it all about? if you know “Beck” you might understand the last post i wrote.
i will go stroke a few tunes out of my baby now. just to help me find some sleep…


January 24, 2008 / consciousness

music can change the world

do you believe in music? i do. music has the power to change. it is a medium that in this modern time is stronger than ever. let us forget for a moment the continious battle of the industry against the rising importance of music. the developement of music distribution and the chanells that make it possible help serve the rising demand. in a time of globalisation music travels faster and further than ever before. it reaches more people and thus spreads its message.

music is a form of emotional expression. not only does it live from the feelings that the musician puts into it but also supports so many other people in their emotions. we are all human beings we all feel. one of the chanells that enables us to express our emotions is art. art in any form. be it poetry, painted, recorded, filmed and yes and especially so: sung, played and performed.
i believe that music has the power to change and if not change at least help. here’s my favourite quote:
“music is the noise that thinks…” 

so put your favourite record on, lean back an become one with the sound. let the music fill you and highten your emotions whatever they may be.

“If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die.” 

Shakespeare (Twelfth Nigh, Act 1)


January 20, 2008 / consciousness

roll the dice

…and see which number comes up. where do we go? what is the path we should tread on? it might be 2008 but has anything really changed? my resolution was to say “no” more often. sort of a scream for independence or whtvr. the 25. Jan is known as the worst day of the year. why? its still winter, we realize we cant keep our resolutions and we havent gotten back into the daily rythm. this is the time of the year with the highest suicide rate, depending on where you live and if you are a case of S.A.D. (might want to check that on wikipedia). In scotland (gorr those strange northern folk) celebrate “burns” day and dive into a festive indulgent feast of whiskey and haggis. well every country has its customs which it goes by.

as i sit and watch the clouds obscure the moon i feel an urge to change, to leave behind the past that seems to have a constant grip on the present. i always seem to get intangled in the past while trying o cope with the present. where cani put my foot without treading into the has been? looking ahead seems more complicated the further one progresses throughout life…

good night.

January 5, 2008 / consciousness

pimp my toilet pt.2

i didnt think someone would turn the bog into such an event but here you have it!

an american drainage company had a contest for the king of crappers. this toilet had everything from an ipod docking station, an xbox and an hdtv plus various other stuff. the most usefull feature must be the emergency button incase you get stuck or whatever.

i dont know, i think i dont fancy spending that much time in the bathroom. max time in the bathroom (including shower, shave and the complete body grooming process) is half an hour…

the article

well for those who enjoy this sort of thing, here the pic:

deluxe crapper

December 30, 2007 / consciousness

dine and dash

dont try it. especially not at seven in the morning after an excessive night of drinking. we didnt mean to! seriously! we were too drunk and forgot!! but we had to and the waiter was actually smart enough to add two extra pints to the till and insisted that we’d better pay up or he’d make us pay. that made me feel really bad. is there a law that protects you from unintended crime? well a new years resolution is forming already: be in bed before the sun rises. especially in winter, or youll miss all of the light…

well happy new year to you all. dont get too drunk and watch what you step in!!!

December 26, 2007 / consciousness

happy holidays

hope you all had a few nice days off. if like some i know you had to work through the holidays, enjoy the days of to come. relax, refuel and grab some more turkey. pass me the port and put another log in the fireplace.
i greatly enjoyed the queens speech this year. i also enjoyed the calm of the familiar surroundings the last few days. hope you enjoyed it too.

well to all a merry x-mas!!

December 13, 2007 / consciousness

Service Marketing or why i hate the barbers

If you talk about services in the economical/marketing world, they always come up with the example of a barber. Services are described as highly tangible with a high degree of internalisation of an external factor.

Namley this means there is a person performing a “service” on you; cutting your hair, therefore you are the external factor that needs to be integrated. what bothers me about this is the high level of customer integration. i mean you go to a barber and he’ll ask you how you want your hair cut. well, um, how about SHORTER?? that doesnt help most of them, they want an exact description of what you expect only to mess it up and give you such a bad cut that you’ll be leaving the barber wearing a hat. i always take one with me.

but somehow i find that incredibly strange that i should tell a trained professional what and how he/she should do his/her job! i mean, i dont drive to the garage, telling the mechanic that he should refurbish the carburettor, clean out the particle filter, drill out the crank shaft or whatever. If i knew that much about cars i wouldnt bother asking HIM to do it. i’d simply do it myself. Same goes for your average electrician/pc-mechanic or even your bank clerk, they are there to help me with such stupid questions like:

  • the car makes funny noises. fix it.
  • the fuse in my house keeps exploding. fix it.
  • my pc crashed. fix it.
  • i have 1 million dollars and i want more. do it.

So why cant i go to the hairdressers and basically say: “my hair looks like shit. cut it.”
and if you look at my haircut (i go to the hairdressers about once a month) it doesnt take a rocket genius to figure out what it must have looked like about a month ago. to be a certified barber you go through about two years of training. they dont teach you in that time what haircuts look like after a month? do i have to go to C.S.I. to get them to figure it out?

bottom line, i just came back from the hairdressers and as usual i look like complete shit. why do i pay them for fucking me up about once a month? if i say short, like what it looked like about a moth ago i get strange stares. i dont want color, no extensions, no styling, just cut it god damn!! i really hope that i’ll go bald before my hair turns grey. that’ll just be one less care in the world. thank you evolution!!

November 30, 2007 / consciousness

pimp my toilet

while surfing the net i found this:


i need one of those. fish in the toilet water tank? led glow in the dark lighting? that is just too cool!! 🙂

November 16, 2007 / consciousness

the late renaissance

it seems the beast has awoken again. swallowing all freedom and time it can find. the beast called music. i gave up on music and had this firm plan to completeley quit playing and making music on a semi pro level. the date was set, the final gig planned, the fifteenth of december was meant to end it all with a big bang.

but it never turns out the way one plans it… suddenly my band is on heavy rotation at the local radio station, were hooked up with gigs, talking to record labels, producers suddenly show interest and there’s a video shoot comming up this weekend. five cameras, blue screen, the whole thing.

its a damn renaissance of music for me! my free time is gone. i dumped a girl for the band (again), for its either girls or music. they never mixed. well actually music or relationship. i spent the last week seeing my band every night. where should i fit a woman in this time schedule? btw massive exams comming up in december. better get down and spend the rest of the time that remains in the library.
many other musicians would envy me to have reached the stage that my band has. i couldnt care less. some get excited about the prospect of going on stage infront of a few hundred people, for me it has turned into a job. i must have played about 60+ gigs in my life, ranging from 10 to 60,000 viewers. i can hear my music if i turn on the radio. i go to just about any rock club in berlin and get in for free. other musicians suck up to me, asking if they can open for my band.
thats not what i really want. i fulfilled all dreams that i thought i would ever reach with music. i have dreamed up other dreams that tug at my soul. they dont have to do with music.
i’ll just have to wait to fulfill themwhen the time is ripe…



November 9, 2007 / consciousness

relink or male shaving stories

i love some of the terms that link to my page. some are so hilarious that from now on i will decide to write something about some of the best ones.
todays special:

male shaving stories

wtf? what were they thinking? i got something like 20 hits because of that!! so me being a great economics student and seeing that there is a demand for male shaving stories, i will now offer the needed supply and write about me shaving. if this turns you on, do continue to read, if it turns you off, dont.

so there i was, seven o’clock in the morning, standing in the kitchen with a cup of fresh coffee in my hand. not really alive yet, just about breathing. sleep still had a fairly strong grip on me and apparently didnt want to let me go. i had to fight it, so i resorted to my favourite weapon against sleep and fought it with my anti vigilance brew. double espresso.

outside the world felt with me. it hadnt realised that life was once more regaining its foothold of the world and sulked in the evergray mood of pre-dawn light. i looked at the window and found some hiddeous monster staring right back at me. in the early hours of the day, there is not much civilisation left in us humans. we are reduced to the grunting, grumbling primates that roamed the earth long before the invention of the fully automated coffee machine, incapable of speech or fast movement.
standing there, i stared at the reflection of myself, reduced to its basic biological form, undilluted by any sort of human trait to form a character or a protective barrier of self esteem. my hair has the tendency of going off to parties while i sleep and settles back on my head just before i get up. its pretty anarchistic in its design. these days you can get special gel to get that special out of bed look, well i am forced to fight it every day. having had a hectic week i didnt get around to shavingeither, so i had a nice stubble covering the lower half of my face and neck. i sip my coffee and thoughtfully rub my chin which gives of the sound of ice being scratched from a windshield. knowing that i had to be at work soon i had to get myself in shape.
the coffee wouldnt kick in for another fifteen minutes, so what would help to get myself going? nothing better than a hot shower if you know that out there one awaits a cold and rainy gray autumn day.

i stand under the shower letting the hot water run over my head, drowning out the headache, that persits if i decide to leave the sanctity of my bed too quickly. five minutes later i lean on the washbasin, wipping the mist of the mirror and looking into a somewhat lively face, thats coverd in brown stubble. this doesnt look very respectable, so i should do something about this.beards
i turn on the hot water and let it fill the basin. with the shave-brush i mix up a nice lather that i spread evenly over my neck and cheeks. i pick up my razor and start with my neck. now there are a few simple rules as to how one should shave. i tend to ignore them. any shaving company will tell you that one should always go with the direction of the hair growth, a “south to north” direction. sod that, you get a closer shave if you go in the opposite direction. and if you use decent shaving cream, not the cheap stuff you dont get any skin burn. my weapons of choice: a nice badgger tail brush, hot water, wilkinson classical shaving cream (in a pot!!) and a mach3. i am contemplating chucking the mach3 and getting myself a nice double edge, those which were used even by my great grandfather. what about electric razors? NEVER!! wouldnt touch those with a broom stick. trimmers for the beard ok; but razors? nope, aint gonna happen.
…i drag the razor across my neck in a south north fashion, getting rid of the most annoying stubble that scratches the collar of my shirts. then i go with the cheeks, clearing most of the stubble except for a line that follows the entire jaw line, some call it an abe lincoln. the carefull finetuning follows directly after this, taking care of any irregularities. there, done. a splash of cold water and some soothing after shave and i have recreated myself, the clean smell of aftershave, the coffee running through my system have revitalised and recharged me, ready to face another day!!

right if this didnt satisfy your need for shaving stories (lmfao) go to and read up all about wet shaving.