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August 7, 2009 / consciousness

OMA to mp3 connect player and id3 tags

My external harddrive with my precious music collection decided to temporarily give up its service and I was stuck with a sunk feeling that I’ll never retrieve my music…

Well I remembered that I have my old sony NW-A3000 20GB music player, which I dug out and found that a chunkof my music was backed up there. As with all of these Sony devices, the music was transfered through the now decontiniued “Connect player” and all music was in a .oma format with no tags or anything. Frustrating but I could still hook it up to my stereo.

After some research, I found a software that is a simple java applet that can be installed on the player itself and lets you import/export files with id3tags and all as mp3!!!
The genious bit of really overdue programming is called JSymphonic, is freeware and can be downloaded under

Hope this helps a few frustrated Sony player users.


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