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April 14, 2008 / consciousness

the present is the past of the future

i give up.
[…deleted on purpose…]

the big 25 is nocking at my door and i’ll give a quick resumee of the last year(s). for whom? me. anybody else can sod off.
I’ll start with 22, no 23 is better actually just before 23.
22 was a year for ending. my old band went 5 years went. shit happens.
23 was a year filled with fun and scars. not only was i scarred, i also handed out a few nice slashes and i am sorry for being a complete idiot for those whom it may concern (but believe me it wouldn’t have worked anyway!!) i did a great job of pulling myself together and planning and taking care of my future. song of the year Emil Bulls – Summer of Love/ Winter of Pain
24 was even better than 23. more fun less scars. actually no scars at all!! well..mostly… once again i have (and probably always will be) been a complete arse and i cant see this changing any time soon, sorry once more to whom it may concern. (this is starting to sound like a sabatical…) i’ve turned quite um “mellow” and have had a lot of fun and there are quite some stories that i’ll be able to tell my grandchildren once i’m old. no regrets but more the fun.

25 seems like a big step (i know not much will change but it’s still a quater of a century!!). i am looking at it with a smiling and a weeping eye. there are already plans that will change me (i hope and think) and many other currents churn the still calm ocean. at some point i figure the waves will hit the beach, once the storm has brewed up to full strength. hopefully there won’t be a tsunami…

right enough of this slushy crap. this post has probably been no more than a written excuse to myself to have a chance to look back on the last two quite exiting years and summarize them in a few cryptic lines that no one but me will understand in their completeness. one has to come to terms with himself and his past.

the present is the past of the future…
-Me, myself and i



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  1. luzie / Apr 14 2008 7:06 pm

    turning 25 is a big step, but being officially in the mid-twenties is kinda fun.

    and.. well.. i want to apologize for being a complete idiot, too. i’m sorry.

  2. Labium / Jun 19 2008 2:23 pm

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Labium!

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