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January 20, 2008 / consciousness

roll the dice

…and see which number comes up. where do we go? what is the path we should tread on? it might be 2008 but has anything really changed? my resolution was to say “no” more often. sort of a scream for independence or whtvr. the 25. Jan is known as the worst day of the year. why? its still winter, we realize we cant keep our resolutions and we havent gotten back into the daily rythm. this is the time of the year with the highest suicide rate, depending on where you live and if you are a case of S.A.D. (might want to check that on wikipedia). In scotland (gorr those strange northern folk) celebrate “burns” day and dive into a festive indulgent feast of whiskey and haggis. well every country has its customs which it goes by.

as i sit and watch the clouds obscure the moon i feel an urge to change, to leave behind the past that seems to have a constant grip on the present. i always seem to get intangled in the past while trying o cope with the present. where cani put my foot without treading into the has been? looking ahead seems more complicated the further one progresses throughout life…

good night.


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