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October 14, 2007 / consciousness

automutilation [days 6 and 7]

days 6 and 7

its sunday. seven days after i started the experiment. why wasn’t i able to keep a daily blog of this? well i dropped out sick after this week due to my nice little “experiment”. i could whack myself for this. from now on i’ll have other people as subjects that will have to suffer my experiments. 🙂

even tough i went back to coffee on day 5, i still i turned out sick. stayed in bed, canceled three coffee dates planned for the weekend and still am sick in bed. but at least here i can once again drink coffee!!

my tip: don’t try this, if you don’t have a reason. there’s no harm in drinking up to six cups of black gold a day (if you’re a heavy coffee drinker). your system can cope with it (medically proven) and as with any addiction, you wouldn’t have started if it wasn’t worth it in the first place right?
if you need to quit, do it on vacation. you need much sleep to cancel the missing caffeine in your system. oh and stuff tea for a substitute. it’ll make you go all leafy and you’ll constantly have to pee. so don’t. drink coffee.

i’m not sure how valid this experiment is, for i developed a sickness while running it, i don’t know if one is the cause for the other, but all my drowsiness and bad temper may not only be to the lack of caffeine in my system. so as much as i hate myself for saying this, i will have to retry this experiment at another time. this time i wont do it on my own. i’ll form a small group and well all go through this together. if you’re interested in joining, drop me a line.


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