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October 11, 2007 / consciousness

automutilation [day 3]

day 3

My daily stats:
taste: gone
wakefulness: go away
attractiveness: shit
shakiness: gone
mood: piss off

jepp, i seem to have caught a cold or something. who came up with this stupid idea in the first place?? i got asked out by three different girls yesterday for a coffee!! THREE!! thats 300% more than normally. of course i had to decline. by now everybody at work knows about my little experiment, even the girl from accounting burst out laughing when she heard about this. my colleagues take their turns at sipping delightfully their multitude of coffees while making erotic noises, or accidentally place their cup right in front of me. i am a pepple in the ocean… ommmmmmmm, more green tea please (bleargh).


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