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October 9, 2007 / consciousness

automutialtion – a week without coffee [day 1]

the day is done, and so am i. walking into my kitchen in the morning, i nearly used my senseo (r) out of instinct. just in time i was able to stop. switched on the water heater and made miself a cuppa.

My daily stats:
taste: uuurgh
wakefullness: low
atractiveness: ok
shakiness: low

i told a couple of people about this and the reactions ranged form “what a stupid idea” to “please don’t, i saw you once before you had your first cup and i was truly scared!!”
hmmm, i somehow got through work without falling asleep, but when i tried to read a book in the library for an upcoming course, i failed and was knocked out quicker than anything else. the rest of the day was a drag, a slowly growing headache accompanied me the rest of the time. watched a video with a friend until 2 o clock and forced myself to stay awake. i decided to add sleep deprivation to this experiment, just to push myself. at the end of this week i’ll either be cured or sick.

well another four hours sleep until the next day of work… update tomorrow



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  1. liz / Oct 21 2007 1:24 am

    did you ever finish the experiment?

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