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October 8, 2007 / consciousness

automutilation- a week without coffee

once a wise man told me: “no pain no gain.” ok maybe that isnt one of the great philosophical lines in history, yet still i follow it no matter what.
at the moment i am running a one week experiment on myself. seven days without coffee.

well, you might say, that cant be that hard and i hope it wont be but we’ll see about that. my average caffeine intake is at a regular six cups a day and i’m not talking about pissy thin american coffee. I mean nice strong espresso based caffees. My maxium is at up to twelve cups, but that is one long day and i tend to substitute the last three cups with other caffeine based drinks.

now why am i doing this? as with any drug that is abused, coffee tends to have side effects. just because it is a socially accepted drug does not make it any better. abuse starts when the dosage rises disproportionately to achieve the desired effect. the side effects, that i have registered are: improved sleep, extreme drowsiness on waking up, a higher rate of attentiveness, good excuses to ask girls out and a gorgeous taste. ok those arent all negative, but i used to be alive before i drank coffee, right?? well not that i can really remember, i was on tea back in those days and during this experiment i’ll go back to that as a substitute.

so here we go, a night with four hours sleep followed by a days work is whats coming up and i am bound to face it with no caffeine. ha!! i’ll be posting to keep you up to date on how this experiment goes.




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