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August 31, 2007 / consciousness

Inter-European Cultural Relationships

Having come back from working in England for two weeks, I was shocked to hear about the news of the recent right-wing attacks, that took place in Müggeln. I have always seen Germany as a very liberal country, on a international level and on a social level, but incidents like these show that there is still a lot of room for improvements.

Still what shocked me even more was the open hatred and aggression one receives abroad as a German. The descreptancies in the past will always overshadow the present, that is unchageable and stands as a warning in history for all. The shock that I received was while working in England the open hatred and abusive language that is directed towards Germans. (It even went so far that in one incident that a girl was yelling at us that we were stealing the jobs of the english and are ruining the island…) It is not always easy being a German. The past we have to live up to is tremendous and will weigh down future generations to come. But does it justify phisical brutality, abusive language and malicious damage towards Germans abroad?

How are other Europeans treated in Germany these days? How are Germans treated in other European countries today? I feel where there is still alot of room for inprovements in this country, but there also is a large amount of room for European awareness and apreciation of one another. The differences between the European cultures seem bigger than we recognize and it is time that we learn more about us,about our neighbours and realize that we need to respect and apreciate the diversity that the Union gives us. We need to open our eyes and look at the multitude of stars that fly on the blue banner!!


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