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July 26, 2007 / consciousness


ahhh finally internet is mine again!! having lived the last week without internet sucked. now that time is history. one has to move on!! onto wlan!! finally i can check my mail wherever i want in my flat. in the kitchen, on the balcony, in the tub… well theoretically i could but i dont think the last one will happen. 😉
i havebeen locked up again in the library these last few weeks and will be locked up until mid august, thats when i write my last exam for this term. its all turning into a routine. its interesting what sort of fellow students you meet while studdying in the library. i never new this many people from my economics faculty.
i fear that i amslowly loosing grip on myself. i am drifting into the mind of an economist. as dry and boring as the subject may seem i am starting to find it more and more interesting.
it slowly is spreading through me and  i have noticed one change myself, its something completely superficial but i  am slowly parting with my old band  tshirts only to replace them with polo shirts and  proper shirts.  it just seems more grown up.  well as i said this is pretty superficial so it means nothing but it does make me wonder about how far the “economic thoughts” are starting to overshadow the rational natural science aproach… hm i think i’m turning into a complete capitalist.

oh here’s one small statistic discovery: there is a clear correlation between economic students and not having a steady relationship. nearly everyone i know that had one when he started studying economics, is by now single. now the calculatory basis for this could be the amount of time spent on the girlfriend before and during the degree. after a quick survey i found out that nearly all of the people questioned had reduced the time they spent with their girlfriends during the term to about 1/3. no wonder that that doesnt work out. women need care and constant attention. economics students think in terms of efficiency and if you boil down a relationship to its basics 1/3 is enough time spent on (or with a girl) while the rest of the time can be used for something usefull such as learning in the library. well ill go to bed now and get up early tomorrow morning so that i’ll be able to still find a seat in the library.

good night yall…


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  1. Monica / Sep 13 2007 12:12 pm

    Here is a video of someone making t-shirt with a marlboro cigarette package. I guess he had a ton of free time on his hands to come up with this idea.

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