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June 14, 2007 / consciousness

The Rules of Dating

What is the most exciting thing about dating? I actually enjoy the time before the actual date more than anything else. From the moment one makes the first call to the actual date, the anticipation of actually going on the date.

But there are a few simple rules one (male and female) should stick to. From the first encounter, to how to behave on the date. The dating game; every game has rules. It’s not complicated and you are bound to hear them from your friends over and over.

    Before the date:

  1. Get hold of the other person’s number. Email address or ICQ is too vague. Get their mobile number, that’s the safest.
  2. If you’re the man, you call her. Give it a days rest, you were probably drunk anyway when you met her. If you text her, do not await an answer within the next three hours. Remember this is a game. The main objective is suspense.
  3. Seem busy, no you don’t have time tomorrow or whenever. You’re busy, except, Thursday might work. Thursday evening is fine. This makes you seem important.
  4. The location: This is about 30% of the date. It’s quite tricky, for you have to judge in what sort of setting your date will feel comfortable. Make reservations or bribe the staff to give you that “extra” special seat at the window.
  5. Make sure you are prepared. Nothing kills a date as quickly as having to look for a bank with your date or fumbling for small change at the parking meter. Have your EC-card with you.
  6. Don’t be late. This goes especially for the guys, best be there 10 Minutes early. And for the girls up to 15 Minutes is ok and ads some extra suspense. But be sure you have an excuse ready.
  7. During the date:

  8. The gentleman pays. Sorry no exceptions here. No none, see it as a future investment. If you’re a student and broke as usual, don’t go to an expensive bar. Get a compromise. There are such things as happy hours or student bars.
  9. Be cool. Don’t overreact. Try to be natural, but be forthcoming and complement the girl on her clothing because they will surely have gone through some trouble (up to two hours of getting ready) to look good for you. Always remember: you are James Bond!
  10. Dress according to the occasion. If you’re going to a high class bar don’t wear t-shirt and sneakers. Understatement is ok, just don’t overdo it.
  11. Set your mobile phone to quiet mode, or do you want to be disturbed by your mom?
  12. Finetuning:

  13. Take control of the conversation; find out if your date is a talker or listener. This is also called fine tuning.
  14. What is your goal of the evening? Do you want to sit around and talk? Are you seriously interested? Or are you looking for a night of excitement?
  15. Smile, look, be suggestive. Be sure to get a good look into those deep eyes, if you’re shy don’t push it. You can go on a second date if all goes well.
  16. Touch. Body language says more than a thousand words.
  17. Don’t freak her out. Never stalk. Leave enough time between the calls to heighten the suspense.
  18. And finally trust your guts. If she’s an arrogant bitch, don’t bother. Enjoy the evening because you won’t call her. No you wont, because you just deleted her number right??


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