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May 17, 2007 / consciousness

manic sleeping disorder

the last two weeks have been hell. the work keeps on piling up, the hours stretch into the night; and to top this off i havent been able to get a decent nights rest for the last two weeks either, because the flat below mine is being renovated. boy do these craftsmen get up early. i havent used an alarmclock these last few days, for everey morning at 7.30 they start to hammer and saw away underneath me… i went to bed last night around 4 am, just having finished an essay that was due today. so do i get some sleep? no. same today. tomorrow i have a couple of girls drop by, an intensive learning group or something like that. well we’ll see. tomorrow is a public holiday in Berlin, so i hope that at least then i’ll be able to sleep in.

until then one can get nice ideas from here:

they supply me with my “needs” to go to bed and move again on the next morning i love the cheta steaks. keep you going for hours!!

well then good night and good fight.


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