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May 13, 2007 / consciousness

economics and language

finally a chance to take a deep breath. pull the break and slow down. the high strung life that i have been living finally has taken its toll on me. seems that my body finally couldnt take it. i spent mothers day with my family happily coughing out my lungs. or rather i have been coughing them out the last few days. but thats enough for now. time to slow down (yea right). i try to lean back and get some control over my actions. take a deep breath and look at the trail of chaos i left behind the last few weeks.
i dont think i have been good to me or to my surroundings. what triggered this? why this rush? i have no clue!! there isnt a single event that led to this, it feels like there was something inside that was just waiting to come out; to be released. like sitting on a ticking time-bomb that was just waiting to blow!! well time to stop.

something else/interesting. i finally found a cross-section between my language and economic studies. this is going to be a big project, but its bound to be amazing. with a tendency of economics blending itself into sociology and marxist theories being applied in neo-historicism of modern literature, the blend between these two unlikley subjects is closer than ever. bringing them into one topic is my current plan. now if you fancy discussing this idea or feel like contributing to it, drop me a line.


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