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April 24, 2007 / consciousness

deconstruction cancelled temporarily

ok so i thought about scrapping this blog, doing something else, maybe talk to real people or get a life, but naa, i then decided i’ll keep this up… its too good.

now what has been happening? well i had the most awkwardly emotional weekend. pretty amazing what can happen within a day! i’ll definitely fictionalize that day, it rocked like hell!! my mood went from ok to extremley low back to ok then hovered around medium low and was then catapulted to ultimate high!! i think you need a low to claw your way out/up to real good.
this is all still a bit criptic but i need to sort it out myself first. so this is just a temporary delay of the deconstruction of this page. theres bound to be some good emotional fiction comming out in the next few weeks. i’ve got the feeling that this year is going to rock!!

well so much for now, check the other page in the next couple of days for new stuff and ashesandembers for the rest.

love rmt


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  1. silke / Apr 24 2007 4:26 pm

    If real life is so confusing and disturbing to you, you’d better stick to the blog thing.
    Thanks for commenting to my article on “Schadenfreude” – I stumbled across a new Germanism today: to schlepp = schleppen
    silke 🙂

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