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April 19, 2007 / consciousness


this blog is getting too crowded with various gibberish, so i thought about splitting the different levels of thought over more than just this blog. i opened up ashes and embers today, wich will be a “literary” blog. the “fictionalizing” short stories and poetry line (work in progress, first one on the other blog) will be released over ember and ashes andthis one will return to the usual gibberish that got it started in the first place. if posts fit in both blogs i’ll have to come up with some solution but until then,keep on rocking!!


stupid link of the day:

these guys take ages to serve you a drink… dont go there!!


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  1. timrod / May 3 2007 1:15 pm

    …or you could just use categories or tags and then everybody gets to look at whatever they prefer 😉

    whatever, gruezles!

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