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March 29, 2007 / consciousness

things to do, or rather things that i’m done with

this is my checklist:

  1. write term paper
  2. go to my bank and have an argument
  3. update band-homepage
  4. relax
  5. relax some more
  6. pick up social security card
  7. hand in term paper
  8. go climbing 2x
  9. watch the movie: “Am Limit”*delayed for two weeks*…damn…
  10. pack for my job in england
  11. make a list with postcard adresses.. if someone wants one, mail me 😉
  12. re-re-re-recheck paper before I hand it in (turns out to be a different paper by now)

That sums it up for now. I’m working my way through the list, lets see how far I can get through it before I leave for home.

Btw I found a firefox plug-in zotero that absolutley rocked my world!! Its a citation program, that lets you “grab” citations from jstor, or your library refernce and automatically ads footnotes and a bibliography in word in MLA style (or what ever style you choose)!! Now thats something that I’ve been waiting for for ages after fighting with JabRef and BibTeX.

Updated: 30.03.07 19:00:09


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