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February 27, 2007 / consciousness

shutdown day

now here’s a real challenge: can you shut down your computer for one whole day?? i can for i’ll be in “Köln” on that day. haha so I’m cheating right?? well give it a try…

update on myself: um, confused, sleepless, burned out. you know the normal withdrawal symptoms of nine to twelve hours in the library every day… only four weeks to go until i finally have a break and can just relax… wait i mean work. not unsing my head kind of work…

well not much exciting stuff happening. oh btw i’m just working on a homepage and was trying to implement mp3’s… it sort of worked but i realized that i’ll have to go php. well one more seminar for me!! cant wait to rock the next term at university. i’m taking an economics brake and will focus once more on language… i cant wait!! (sound perverted.. i know… 😉 )

ill hit the mattress now. time for an early start tomorrow or else i wont get a seat in the library… (now thats sick isnt it?!?)



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  1. luzie / Mar 12 2007 2:10 am

    coffee anytime soon? added you as one of my flickr contacts, btw.

  2. luzie / Mar 12 2007 2:11 am

    ich bin’s übrigens, liz. 🙂

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