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February 5, 2007 / consciousness

monday bloody monday

back again with the ill behaviour…

germany is the worldcup winner!!!

…at least in handball. what an amazing game! now thats what i call sport! waaay better than football (soccer or nfl). isnt also the nfl super-bowl 3000 or something like that on tonight? sounds like a really interesting sport (not!!). even though i went and watched the german football league here in berlin a couple of times.
havent done much this weekend. stayed in most of the time and studdied. then met up to studdy today (sunday…) but rather watched handball. i am really looking forward to the time when these exams will be over!!

anyway i just wanted to drop in to say, that i am absolutely outradged!! i was skimming through youtube and i found a video of my own band while we were playing in poland!! did’nt expect tha, so whoever “tubed” it, great work!!

check it out:



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  1. Vixen / Feb 9 2007 8:41 pm

    i know you miss me on your lonely, sick mondays while doing the schlüsselrunde alone. i know you do 🙂

    play in leipzig, guys! i’ll put you on youtube, too, then!


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