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October 25, 2006 / consciousness


a coin has two sides. i figure lifeis the same. every morning you get up flip the coin and watch the day turn out either good or bad. so yea there are good and bad moments in ones life. take a guess on which side of the coin i am living on now. i wouldn’t be thinking up crap like this if didn’t have any reasons right??
but the best thing about this is that when i’ll wakeup again i’ll be able to flip the coin again. maybe things will turn out better.

Music of the moment:
-Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Follow You Lyrics Video
-Slipknot – Vermillion Pt. 2 Lyrics Video


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  1. Liz / Oct 26 2006 12:18 am

    Yeah but take toast, for instance. It’s got two sides but always lands buttered side down.. no matter what you do.

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