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October 23, 2006 / consciousness

mensa and mozart

mensa and mozart. two things that absolutely don’t match. i’m not talking about the high iq club “mensa” but rather about my university’s cafeteria. every now and then they come up with awkward ideas to pep up the monotone food you find there. well, we’ve reached the mozart aniversary year so we get interesting variations of their usual crap spiced up with new names. great. the food does’nt change neither the taste, but if you’re in the right5 state of mind (meaning asleep) you could actually believe that you’re eating something else than procesed shit with a sideorder of crap.

today they even went so far that they had a poor music-student sitting at a piano playing mozart. nice try but one piano in a room filled with chattering, clattering, munching students doesnt help much.
well thats that for now. gotta go to work and sleep away the rest of the day. (haha it rhymes 😀 )



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