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October 22, 2006 / consciousness

back to the primitive

yay first week after university started again and already work is piling up… had a fun weekend. no wait that’s a lie. i had a hectic weekend and i’ve been to a couple of clubs that i would normally never go to. the good thing is that i now know that all my prejudices weren’t unfounded and that if i ever have to choose again between a stupid club or wasting away in-front of the pc id rather go for the later.

it’s autumn and i love it. the sun shining through the leafes that have changed their colour into rich golden accents, autumn wind rippling through the already fallen ones, playfully dancing with them. Yepp best time of the year. lets hope that this will be a long autumn. i can remember octobers where snow had already fallen and temperatures didn’t go above 10°C.

yea not really in a mood right now but do enjoy this link: brandenburg


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