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September 28, 2006 / consciousness

culturalizing oneself

jepp, its that time… a. time for another exiting post b. babbling on about my day c. thinking about implementing flickr (jepp i have an account but i havent gotten around to uploading pics d. stupid link of the day

so where to begin? a. dosent really have any content so i put it there to fill up the space and not to end with c. (i think trilogies are only created by athors who cant be bothered with the proper effort) which brings us right away to b. (kracking knuckles)

autumn has arrived. the threatening date passed me by completely, for the sun was happily shining down on me while i was stroling through the park?? no, thats not right, i was helping my brother move. thats why i couldnt find the time to lament about the death of nature and rebirth and blablabla (this brings us straight to the link of the day but you will just have to wait for that, so there 😛 ). but to quickly drop a note on the end of summer: i love it. there is no better time of the year than indian summer. ok not many indians in berlin but still… i hope i’ll get pissed soon enough to come up with a short essay about that time of the year.
c. flickr, i dont know if i like it, but thats the only thing that wordpress will let me implement so there. anyway theire getting cheeky with charging for upgrades. wow finally were on the level of livejournal!! (watch out for the irony…) i have a bunch of pics, just have to format them and upload them (grr more work) well time will tell

b.1.2 um just a quick intermission im going to see my favourite band vs the berlin orchestra (or atleast parts of it) vs. some crazy artist on sat. so that should kick ass. check out

d. stupid link/video of the day:


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