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September 18, 2006 / consciousness

Back again…

heyho, finally i find some time to sit down again and write some stuff in this nice little page.

having just arrived a few days, only to realize that i have to leave two days later again is quite a stress, but fun, as long as the reasons are nice ones.

Sweden is great go there. i have kept a journal on the side but at irregular intervals and with no consistency concerning the actual content. so its actualy no more than a random collection of thoughts that i had while sitting on the bus or in the canue or doing whatever… i even wrote two songtexts, see thats what loneliness can do… i dont know if ill publish any of that, maybe sometime later but not now. i’m also thinking about creating a travel blog just for the trip and other random trips I’m planning to take. at the moment i’m just waiting for the transfer of the travelpics to end. compressed its only 700 megs. hm… problem is that i have an analog camera and that i actually still have to get the pics developed so its gonna take me two days until i can upload some of the pics.

what else? nothing really, finally got rid of that headache and am alot more relaxed. have just planned my next trip for end ofthis month or the beginning of the next. I’ll have to see.

well no links but soon again

rock this house



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