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August 23, 2006 / consciousness

Sometimes you win sometimes you lose

unnnh… I’m really tired and should be in bed fori have to get up at 7 tomorrow again and i haven’t had enough sleep for something up to a week. but i feel that i have to write something… so here i am. writing something.neat is’nt it?

i just came back from my favourite pub where i had a couple of pints and a very nice whiskey with my mate to even off the evening. now this sounds nice but the downside is, that this has probably been the last time that i had a drink there. theyre closing down. bummer. well then i will just have to go to my second favourite pub and spend more time there. sod that.

why the headline to this post? well there is a deeper meaning and maybe ill opick it up tomorrow but now its getting too late and i’m about to fall onto my keyboard. so good night and good fight.


stupid link: just dont ask…

btw(short hair and a beard are way nicer than longish hair and no beard ;-P hehehe)


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