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August 10, 2006 / consciousness

What to do?? Where to go??

bloody hell i just found out that i have ANOTHER entire week off!! thats too much for me. what should i do? where should i go?? i thought that i’d be back in my routine starting monday, but noooo another week without anything to do (except write papers for university…ahem…). well, cool thing is, my cousin will be here starting next thursday and she is a crazed climber, that means i have to get the basics down before she drops by. i promised her i’d show her the climbing locations of berlin. but if i want to get out of here, i might be down in heidelberg or munich for the first couple of days… aaah all these descisions to make!! its too much!! i’m telling you, by now i’m a stress addict. i cant cope without constant pressure. and sleeping in isn’t what it used to be. even if i go to bed at four in the morning, completely wasted, i still wake up at 9 and laze around till 12. i used to be able to sleep waaaay into the day and get up at six in the evening!!

oh btw, i forgot, i’ve got a gig on saturday. it’s funny how unexcited one can be about standing on a stage infront of 100 people. i remember when i started off playing with my first band. i’d be an absolute nerve-wreck just before we’d go on stage, infront of no more than 12 good friends…

well, i must admit, i dont have a link at the moment, so uh i’ll soon post a link just for you šŸ˜€

enjoy yourself



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