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July 10, 2006 / consciousness

the end of heartache

interesting songtitles that cross my mind at the moment:

1.) the end of heartache – killswitch engage

2.) the memory remains – metallica

3.) the last high – the dandy warhols

the world cup is over, the last flags have been waved and a country in uproar returns to its slow-grinding routine. so now i ask:

4.) where do we go from here? – filter

what will fill the hole left by the franctic excitement that was created through this world cup? wont this let us feel:

5.) empty – unloco ?

So much for football. at this point i must say that i am happier than i have been in a long time. i didn’t know that i could smile for such a long time… 😀 let me put it this way:

6.) shes drugs – danko jones

this leaves me with one problem… that i just want to:

7.) tear you apart – she wants revenge

actually you just need to read the lyrics from “tear you apart”. that sums it up pretty much… well then i wish you all a
8.) goodnight goodnight – hot hot heat

i think i’ll just

9.) fall into sleep – mudvayne

well i’ll see you all

10.) sooner or later – breaking benjamin


…there is a reason why i only linked some texts. they actually mean something to me right now… 😉 the rest is just coincidence…


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