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July 6, 2006 / consciousness

hm… pt. 2 (featuring nasa, worldcup and a messy situation)

ok now reason and sense decided to jump off a cliff and i thought i’d join them. only i didnt fall…awkward… well since those two are out of the game i should take a look around and see who still is left… where the hell did self esteem hide? ah stuff it. i’m doing this the only way i know. i’ll put one foot in-front of the other and see where my feet take me. the only difference is, that this time i’ll be looking ahead and not just down to my feet…

yesterday the sts-121 discovery took off to space. nice. if you missed it take a look at the video. in the last hm… post i had a nice comparison with my present situation and historical dates of nasa starts. um i am definitely not superstitious but i find the coincidence quite astounding. they had a nice start, so did i (in a way)… lets just hope they dont run into problems and get back in one piece…

and finally england has its revenge through france.. haha portugal sucks!!! im looking forward to the first manchester united game… lets see how welcome ronaldo will be… hehehe i’m sorry that germanys out. they didn’t deserve this. well one more game. lets all hope that theyll walk all over portugal!!!

ok its late enough and i’m about to fall off the chair. sweet dreams to those whom it concerns 😉 i know why i’m looking forward to closing my eyes…


p.s.: best song at the moment to describe this mess: pixies-where is my mind


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