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July 3, 2006 / consciousness


ok this is now waaaay out of control. reason has left the room followed by sense and sensibility (god am i witty *puke*). now a.) this was really good and b.) i am more messed up now than before… why cant i have what i want??? i mean it dosent take rocket science to figure this out. but still, there are reasons why nasa keep delaying their starts. i mean at this point we can all think of the challenger explosion in 1986. we dont want this to happen!! so i think it makes sense not to rush towards any early starts. ill make shure the sky is clear and there are no turbulences or any other problems. i want to reach out to space…infinity…um… ok now im drifting.

well its half past three in the morning so ill stop right now and i will probably retype this post in the morning. so enjoy it while it lasts

off to the land of pleasant dreams (how utterly sadistic of you)



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